Monday Night Football Ends in Overtime Madness Between Raiders and Ravens

Raiders ML bettors can take a massive sigh of relief as they celebrate victory two seperate times over the Ravens tonight on the season opening edition of Monday Night Football.

What started out as a slow game controlled by Baltimore ended in glorious fashion for the Las Vegas Raiders.

The Definition of an Unlikely Victory

After storming back with two beautiful drives, the Raiders fate was on the foot of kicker Daniel Carlson, who nailed a 55 yarder to send it to OT.

While regulation was fun, OT made this game unforgettable.

After it looked like Vegas had ended the game on a very nice catch and run, officials reviewed the play and determined the game was not over. Instead, it was 1st and goal from the half yard line.

99 times out of a hundred, the game ends on the next play, with someone sneaking or plowing into the endzone. Naturally, nothing can come easy for the Raiders, as Carr got stuffed on his attempt. The failed rush was followed by an inexcusable false start, an unsuccessful play from the 6 yard line, and then a deflected interception.

The Ravens had a chance to march down the field and stick the Raiders with an absolutely demoralizing week one defeat, which realistically could have hung over them the entire season. Instead, the offense went nowhere before Lamar threw a pick of his own.

Seeming to now have all the trust in the world toward Carlson, Gruden decided the best move was to attempt a field goal. This makes a little sense, since Carlson just came through for the team while the offense couldn’t punch it in from within one yard.

The kick never came as the Raiders were called for delay of game, prompting the offense to take the field once again, and win on a walk off deep ball to Zay Jones.

Half a yard causing all that trouble.. but that’s why they play the game, right?

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