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Hall of Fame Game 2022
Jacksonville Jaguars at Las Vegas Raiders

Canton Ohio

Suggested Risk for this game 4 Units to the under and 3 Units on our side play
Play On: Jacksonville Jaguars +2.5 (-110) 3 Units* and Under 31 total points (-120) 4 Units

It’s that time of year again where we find ourselves in the month of August, what I like to call the Sunday of our Summer with the excitement in the air as America’s most watched sport will be back in action tonight at 7:00 PM CST on NBC for the first NFL pre-season game of 2022.

If you are going to lay more than 2 points in a pre-season game, then there needs to be a definite reason why you are betting on the favorite coupled with a reason as to why you should be betting against the dog.

A couple of days ago this line was dead even at a PK before the news came out about Lawrence being out. Now that he is out of the game this evening the line had barely budged by 2.5 points. But why not to 3? 3, is normally a key number in regular season games but not so much in pre-season games.

No coach in their right mind is going to play any pre-season game to overtime. Which gives us an even better argument for backing the under tonight. There will be multiple games in August decided by 2 points or less and tonight we get two and a half points on our side. I don’t even have to think twice about that especially because the common guy will be looking to jump all over the news and back the Raiders.
It’s not like Lawrence was going to play all that much and he still has a little while to work out whatever kinks with his team before he regains his all-star status from a couple of years ago from his college football days. Even though Lawrence is out, I still cannot argue the fact that the Raiders will smash through the Jags all that easily.

Banged up Raiders is all over the Preseason Opener. The Raiders have a pile of injuries on the O line. Their Head coach has vocalized sitting any member of his squad that is on the IL. The point of a Preseason game is to get the rust off and get back into the swing of things. Nothing is recorded and sure practice makes perfect no team is interested in slaughtering the other team.
In any sport especially football, if there is a strong indication to take the under then there is more than likely a strong reason to support the dog. In Preseason openers under the point total is almost always the way to go.

In fact, the last 3 Hall of Fame Game’s have all resulted in an under. Now just because we have our first NFL game tonight does not mean you should bet the house. Obviously treat the Jags side as a 3 unit play and the under as a 4-unit play. This is no different or any more special than any other play that is released.

As the Football season rolls out and we are in week 2 of the NFL we will have plenty of opportunities for some bigger plays.
For now, let us start our dish of slow and easy. If you do not like my play on the Jags, then that’s fine just pass you do not have to play every play I release as I am giving you my professional opinion on the matter. Obviously, nobody can be right 100% of the time, but our long-term goal at Picks City is for everyone to hit over 54-55% of the time to ensure a profit is turned.

Take Jacksonville Jaguars tonight at +2.5 and sprinkle on the ML if you like. Also place a little more emphasis on under the total of 31. If your book does not offer 31 or the option to buy to 31 then you can still play under 30.5 but just reduce your risk a little.

Best of luck to everyone and be sure to follow me on Twitter @DallasBankRoll for the most up to date sports action!

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