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Matt Epstein

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If you are ready for higher volume with a calculated system that works long term then you have come to the right place. The NBA finals are here and I have some big plays so do not miss out!  🙌 

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Matt is a Dallas resident and absolute Mavericks fan! He has been breaking down and analyzing sports for the last 18 years. It was not an easy start in his younger years as it is with all new beginners. But you can learn from his mistakes so that you don’t make them! Stay ahead of the curve early and get the best line with him. He uses a variety of reliable trusted sources to make sure you keep winning. He bets everything he releases so you can be confident he is  not blindly throwing picks out your way.

There is no better investment than a disciplined sport’s better, that being said Matt will provide winning information that will make you money as a long term investment over time. We are all about ROI for our clients at PICKSCITY.

Matt’s premium play of the day comes with a  200 % credit back guarantee which you can use towards any of his subscriptions. All of the Premium 5 unit ($1,000) plays will come free in any subscription. Hurry and grab today’s plays early to lock in good line value.


You can not afford to be missing out! I have a proven track record with documented bets that work! If you are looking for a lock of the day then please turn elsewhere because those are just a scam! Now if you want a second income for you and your family then I am your consultant! On average you will receive 5-10 plays per day sometimes up to 100 plays per week. 


Free plays
These free plays are not heavy favorites they are designed to give you a free edge. If you follow my Free plays monthly you are almost guaranteed to turn a profit. Anyone can give you free plays at -300 odds and win but can anyone provide you with 60% Lifetime picks at fair odds?

A $100 better would be up over $10,000 in free bets and much much more for subscribers!

All Time Record this Decade. 451-298-12 60%
2020 Free Play Record 130-76-4 63.4%
2021 Free record YTD 140-85-5 62.2%
2022 Free Play Record YTD 134-106-1- 56%
2023 Free Play Record YTD 50-39 56.1%+$619

 *All bets are time stamped and released via Twitter before the start of the game for full transparency*

*Please check back between 3:30 and 6:30 PM Central or Twitter for any free play updates*


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UPDATED  8:40  pM EST  7/1/24

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Matt Epstein

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26 reviews for Matt Epstein

  1. Jorge mayora

    hello friend greetings from Venezuela, thanks for the information you have given me, thanks to you I was able to win in the parley, thankful …

  2. Jorge mayora

    you really are very good at your forecasts, from Venezuela we thank you

  3. Jorge mayora

    Hello friend, greetings from Venezuela, thanks for the tremendous information, we were able to hit the parley, thank you very much ??, You are great

  4. Joshua Prunty

    Matt has coached and mentored me, and helped me make a lot of money consistently over the past 3 months. His picks are very consistent in regards to the number of wins he produces. I highly recommend using his services if you want to make some serious money betting!

  5. Ksoren24

    I was an avid bettor of sports but always felt I’d win more if I knew someone reliable and that you could trust to do research for you to win money. I knew Matt personally and thought I’d try out his picks – I put my trust in his research and saw a $535 profit within the first three days, I stayed disciplined with what he suggested to do and kept my units to 5-10 dollars. He definitely knows what he is doing and wins more then loses – if he can make me money daily and do the legwork the investment of a few dollars for a return he gives you is well worth it.

  6. Jason Everhart

    Matt is a hands on capper and a man of his word. I purchased a pick from him that lost. He reached out to me and provided a weeks worth of picks free of charge. No he didn’t hit every one (who does) however using his unit scale we are in the positive. I have nothing but respect for him and would recommend✊🏼

  7. Willy jeff

    Yooo my man Matt Epstein knocked out my nervousness on big unit plays. Straight cash!

  8. jay will

    Great guy helping me get my bread up

  9. Tyler Frederickson

    If you don’t like big volume betting or being overwhelmed, Matt is your guy. He keeps it short and sweet. Usually 3-5 as a day with reasoning and walks you through the process with advice along the way. Glad I stumbled upon Matt on Twitter and looking forward to months ahead.

  10. adam wills

    Matt is an awesome capper that will answer any questions and explains his bets. I have profited a bunch since signing up with him. Do yourself a favor and give him a shot.

  11. David Burke

    Long term customer or Matt. He’s a great capper and will answer any questions at anytime. Do yourself a favor and give him a shot, you won’t be disappointed!

  12. Kevin Torres

    Took a chance and bought a package. Matt is an honest man! Great communication and willing to explain thoroughly his intentions and money management. Wish I didn’t find him sooner!

  13. Johan

    Matt is awesome he will teach you to managing your bankroll well and first time using his service I’m very happy consistent wins . So everyone should really try him out and you see for your self

  14. Jas

    Very good ! Love the picks 100%!

  15. Anwar Acosta

    Hello I am from Costa Rica, I have bought a lot of sports ervices through 15 years and the mayority was garbage. Matt is nice capper that has help me increase my winnings. But also learn more about betting angles in all american sports. Every bet is a new learning experience with Matt. Jump on board with a serious and nice capper.

  16. Justin

    Recently joined Matt with the 25 unit package. Matt is very good at what he does – from making picks to managing the bankroll. Learning how to stay consistent with betting units and managing bankroll has been very profitable so far. If you’re looking for a great long-term investment then Matt is the one to turn to!

  17. JJ Gustina

    Matt is a great capper! He does in depth picks and wants everyone to make money which is awesome. I highly suggest buying his product, you won’t regret it! Keep tailing this man!

  18. Meka

    I want to thank Matt for the winners. Just started following. Love the value plays. Keep doing ya thang and keep ya feet on the bookies neck.

  19. Bella

    Matt is a great capper!! 2-0 last night! Matt is good at what he does and is profitable, he’ll stir you in the right direction! Deff recommend getting his packages! Let’s cash!

  20. Meatloaf

    Great guy and handicapper.

  21. Vincent

    Currently on a 13-0 win streak!! He wins!!

  22. Joseph Brown


  23. Jeffrey Gibson

    I love Matt he’s is a genius wiz & he’ll help you bankroll in the long run & he’s very helpful as well I’m proud & thankful to be a member of his off of pickcity 💯

  24. Stephen Rawlins

    Within the first two weeks of being with Matt, I paid off the monthly subscription by ten times and then some. Matt is incredible, he’s personable, answers your questions when he can can and really knows what he’s doing.

    As long as you follow his advice especially when it comes to your bankroll, you’ll see a profit sooner rather than later. Highly recommend him!

  25. Jason Gambardella

    Let me tell you something about this guy his name Matt Epstein. First and foremost he did me a huge favor by taking me on after I was shuffled around by another guy. And since he took me on he has been unbelievable winning almost every pick he has offered me I know thru experience that you can’t always win but when the winning is good you need to take advantage. This guy changed my status overnight I made a few grand in two nights of playing wow he is not just another con artist this guy is the real deal and he knows his shit. So if you want to win like I do get on board and don’t miss this unbelievable ride. Thumbs up to Matt Epstein let’s get them buddy Five stars ⭐️

  26. Jason Gambardella

    First day +848
    Second day +498 This guy is a master a magician. One of the greats. A LEGEND

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