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The Winning Side is comprised of an elite group of professional sports handicappers totaling over 50 years combined experience. Our team includes premier cappers in Vegas, a former professional baseball player and a college football scout. After years of deliberation and several testings, we devised a strategy to attack the sports betting marketplace implementing the finest, winning formulas that each team member demonstrates.

Our picks are calculated by encompassing complete resource analysis. We tirelessly break down game film, study sabermetrics, peruse press clippings from all the local and national rags, evaluate the severity of injuries, and track momentum. A unique difference between The Winning Side and other handicapping touts is some team members have actually been in the trenches and the dugout – we’re not your typical armchair quarterbacks.

We treat every play as a unique event as you need not be fooled – there are no algorithms, bet systems, historical data, or other wagering materials that will garner you consistent winners. If you’re been around the block in this industry, you’re aware that the aforementioned are perpetual fallacies that sports handicapping articles, books and web sites love to harp on. Constant communication within the team is our credo. The majority of cappers must agree on a selection or we punt it. Leniency and credence are obviously provided to team members that excel in specific arenas. We believe in quality over quantity – less bets, more money.

From the sharps to the novice, we welcome you to The Winning Side!

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