MMA Flying Knee Picks – UFC


Agent Name: MMA Flying Knee Picks

Agent Sport(s): UFC

Upcoming Events:

12/14/2019      UFC 245

Usman vs Covington

Las Vegas, Nevada, US

12/21/2019      UFC Fight Night 165

Ortega vs Korean Zombie

Busan, South Korea

1/18/2020           UFC 246

McGregor vs Cerrone

Las Vegas, Nevada

1/25/2020        UFC Fight Night 166

Dos Santos vs Blaydes

Raleigh, North Carolina

2/8/2020 UFC 247

Jones vs Reyes

Houston, Texas

Type of Pick:  5 UFC EVENTS

# of PICKS with package:  The size of the card for 5 straight UFC Events

Agent/Package Notes:

With your purchase you will receive a pick for EVERY fight with around 3 confident plays for 5 STRAIGHT UFC Events


Record: 57-27-3

Win Percentage: 68%
#UFC244: 8-4
#UFCTampa: 10-4
#UFCDC: 8-2-2
I am a Professional MMA Handicapper that brings 10 years of proven results and experience to the table.  It took many years of trial and error for me to perfect my model which has lead me to 5 consecutive years of maintaining a very high winning % and profitability.  Now I want to share my success and make everyone very wealthy.  I pride myself on being able to select EVERY fight on EVERY card and still maintain a very high winning %.  There is no fight that scares me but there are some fights that are harder to predict than others. These picks involve over 40 hours of research and analysis per card.  With your purchase you will receive my pick for every fight for that card with around 3 CONFIDENT plays.  Final note to buyer, you do not need to bet on every single fight and nor should you, but I do leave you with the freedom to create your own bets or parlays with my picks and decide what you are comfortable betting and a side note is that these picks are also very helpful for creating DK Lineups.  I just started using a 3rd party tracker that can be viewed here:  If you ever want to learn more about how I operate or want to talk MMA with me then shoot me a DM on Twitter at @FlyingKneePicks


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