Lab Capper – Daily


Agent Name: Lab Capper

Agent Sport(s): MLB NFL NBA NCAAF

Type of Pick: Daily

# of PICKS with package: Normally 2-4

Agent/Package Notes:

The “Quick Hitter” if you want to get you feet wet for the day, this is the option for YOU!!



This will not be your commonly seen “about me, why choose me” insert. I’m not going to fill this up with cliché statements about analytics, line movements, getting the best value, or I can kick any Cappers ass with my system statements.. and.. well, you know the rest.

I am big on getting to the point and keeping it ALL the way real with everyone I work with. All in all, I may be the coolest, most down to earth, and easiest Capper to work with you may ever meet.

Now, for the part you care about the most.. info about me that’s relevant to my skill and why the hell you should roll with me. So, here is my corny backstory:

I have been betting seriously for just over 7 years. In that time, I’ve been a consistent winner month over month and year over year. I felt like I was at a point to bring this to a wider audience, so I started using Twitter (6/2019) to showcase my plays for free initially for the first month, then linked up with @cappersentrprze to verify all my plays. REAL numbers talk. Alright, now on to what really matters..

-As far as any type of accolades go, here is all I got, ha. I was named MLB’s #1 hottest Capper on 9/19/19 via @cappersentrprze top Capper’s list. I’ve been #1 ever since.

– 341 plays YTD. 59.3% / +78.9 Units.
(As of today, 10/8/19)

*All my plays are graded by this model:
Standard plays: 1-3u
Max Plays: 5u

*Records are updated daily on my bio via Twitter @LabCapper

*I cap the following sports: (MLB, NBA, NFL, and NCAAF)

Last thing I’ll say here.. No matter what size unit bettor you are, my picks are built to grow your money the RIGHT way.. No 100 unit whale plays here. AND.. I am heavy on unit management, biggest part of betting hands down. Hovering at almost 60% with over 300 plays in YTD. Why would you not give me a look..


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