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I have been a sports handicapper for the past 20 years. I started betting 20 years ago and soon into it, i developed a strong winning % when betting totals in NBA, MLB, Soccer,Football and studying various games. The challenge of beating the numbers set by the books kept exciting me to a point, where i consistently started beating them. I have been one of the most respected handicappers in the SBR forum ( Sportsbook review) as well as Covers and i posted there for almost a decade before deciding to move ahead. I have my own loyal set of followers who are with me for years and are my subscribers now, so i post all my plays on the google group exclusively for them. I have also started using twitter extensively in the past few months now and do post freeplays there from time to time. You can follow me on twitter at @Laker_crazy

11 consecutive winning seasons in the NBA & 6 in the MLB & other sports. I believe in letting my work speak for itself because Money talks and Bullshit walks! and yes I am banned from Covers & SBR for winning 🙂

POD RECORD – 421-201-18-(+399.03 units)-(67.68%)




2010 ( 160 days) 856 plays ( 466-390) ( 54.43%) + 41 Units

2011 (165 days) 351 plays ( 209-142) ( 59.54%) + 79 Units

2012 ( 122 days) 305 plays ( 175-130) ( 57.37%) + 64 Units

2013 ( 155 days) 262 plays ( 159-103) ( 60.68%) + 94 Units

2014 ( 158 days) 341 plays ( 185-156) ( 54.25 %) + 33 Units

2015 ( 162 days) 337 plays ( 202-135) ( 59.94%) + 69 Units

2016 ( 142 days) 312 plays ( 193-119) ( 61.85 %) + 89 Units

2017 ( 145 days) 242 plays ( 145-97) ( 59.91 %) + 82 Units

2018 ( 146 days) 285 plays ( 180-105) ( 63.15 %) + 99 Units

2019 ( 55 days)   107 plays ( 65-42) ( 60.74 %) + 40.75 Units

2020 ( 58 days)  107 plays ( 69-38) ( 64.48%) + 43.60 Units

2021 (128 days) 261 plays  ( 163-98) ( 62.45%) + 76.60 Units

                        NBA PLAYOFFS

2020  ( 28 days)     25 plays    ( 19-6)     (76.00%) +25.72 Units



2017 ( 185 days) 389 plays ( 226-163) ( 58.09%) + 59 Units

2018 (165 days) 276 plays ( 154-122) ( 55.79%) + 42 Units

2019 (178 days) 295 plays ( 185-110) ( 62.71%) + 79 Units

2022 (  101 days) 182 plays ( 120-62)  ( 65.93%) + 72.78 units


2016 ( 112 days) 374 plays ( 210-164) ( 56.14%) +84 Units

2017 ( 163 days) 570 plays ( 311-259) ( 54.50%) +61 Units

2018 ( 168 days) 465 plays ( 270-195) ( 58.04 %) +102 Units

2019  ( 42 days) 74 plays ( 45-31 ) ( 59.21 %) +22.45 Units

2020 ( 45 days) 65 plays ( 38-27) ( 58.46%) +22.66 Units



2016 146 ( 83-63) ( 56.84%) + 34 units

2017 156 ( 90-66) ( 57.69%) + 40 units

2018 135 ( 82-53) ( 60.74 %) + 54 units

2019 68 (42-26) (61.76%) + 27 units

2020  76 ( 51-25) ( 67.10%)   + 52.00 units

2021  98  ( 62-36) ( 63.26%) + 40.78 units



2016 122 ( 72-50) ( 59.01 %) + 37 units

2017 112 ( 63-49) ( 56.25 %) + 39 units

2018 106 ( 69-35) ( 65.09 %) + 58 units

2019 86 (55-31) (65.62%) + 40 units

2020 83 ( 52-31) ( 62.65%) + 43.15 units

2021  91 ( 53-38)  ( 58.24%) + 26.27 units



2014 (158 days) 502 plays ( 292-210) ( 58.16%) + 67 units

2015 (162 days) 361 plays ( 212-149) ( 58.72%) + 71 units

2016 ( 112 days) 374 plays ( 210-164) ( 56.14%) + 57 units

2017 ( 163 days) 570 plays ( 311-259) ( 54.50%) + 42 units

2018 ( 168 days) 465 plays ( 279-186) ( 60.00 %) + 77 units

2019 ( 160 days) 478 plays ( 290-188) ( 60.66 %) + 86 units

2020  ( 62 days) 68 plays    ( 43-22-3)  ( 66.15%) + 39.05 units

2021 ( 154 days) 385 plays ( 236-149)  ( 61.29%) +97.65 units

2022 ( 25 days)   20 plays      ( 17-3)     ( 85.00%)  + 20.65 units


2021-2022 ( 61 days)   88 plays     ( 62-21-5)     ( 74.69%) + 80.66 units


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54 reviews for Laker Crazy

  1. Jon Chan

    Laker_crazy’s picks hit more often than not! Also, he’s a stand up person and easy to reach. Definitely recommend his picks (especially since it comes with a money back guarantee!)

  2. Joe

    Great service even better guy!

  3. Ed Martinez

    Been following Laker Crazy for about 8 months now and honestly he’s one of the best in the business. I like the low volume and accurate picks he gives out, not to mention most of the time they are winners. I can count on Laker Crazy when i’m in a hole and need to win some money or looking to have some expenses covered for the week.

  4. Nick

    LC runs a great service. No hassle whatsoever and supplies winners way more often than not. He is always there for any questions or concerns and runs a very smooth operation.

  5. Huy Vo

    Been purchased his POD multiple times and most of them are winners. The record is correct and he is transparent as much as he could. Communications between Laker_crazy and me (his customer) has been excellent. I give the man 5 stars.

  6. Mike C.

    Been scammed before and this site is as professional as it gets. It’s my go -to when I need a play. If it doesn’t hit then money back! Whats better than that? So far 4-0 with the POD daily package. Also, very quick to respond to any questions. Keep it up

  7. John Fryman

    Had a terrible experience with some previous cappers. Wish I would have found this guy earlier. I typically only wager $10 but with this guy I take the chance and 3-5x it and so far I’m money ahead. Appreciate the work he puts in. I prefer to think of myself as a sports investor. Hopefully we’ll keep averaging up and I’ll be able to start making some money that’s fun to play with. Great communication from Laker Crazy. Let’s keep it rolling!

  8. Mark Bird

    Guy is absolutely fantastic. Very happy with the POD’s. When you lose you actually get your money back, no one does this. Also probably the best customer service out there. You won’t be sorry.

  9. Ivan Torralba

    I had a question prior to the play even being sent out and my man Laker Crazy helped me out right away which was great! He really values his customers and his reviews certainly reflect that. This guy is legit!! ?

  10. Cory Churchwell

    As a business owner, I appreciate a person being straight forward, and no bullshit. That’s what you get with Laker Crazy. He wins and I see myself being a life long customer!

  11. David

    This guy is the absolute best, picks his plays concisely and consistently wins.

  12. Chris Cole

    Great guy, honest, reliable. Great picks and service. Won me $600 over last couple days ?

  13. Michael

    This guys is LEGIT!!!!! He’s honest and transparent about his record and can just straight up make you money. I highly recommend him!!! His picks are fire and he’s a nice guy as well. Thanks for everything!!! Keep up the great work 🙂

  14. Myles

    This guy is the most honest and transparent capper I have ever done business with. I highly recommend him. Since I started following him, my profits have been outrageous. He also sticks to his word. If his picks don’t hit, you WILL get reimbursed immediately and the next pick/day WILL profit. Can definitely tell that his goal is to make YOU money.

  15. Alton-Caine Palencia

    LC is a legit capper…doesn’t chase…makes limited but great picks! ?

  16. Alton-Caine Palencia

    Also, he’s always open to chat as well, highly recommend.

  17. youngsongggg

    Laker Crazy is the man! Didn’t start paying for picks until I knew I can count on someone consistent and reliable. Plus he’s a Laker fan, can’t go wrong with that! Lets keep cashin!

  18. Brandon Alcalay

    Truthfully an honest capper! He is active and will help you through your bets. He responds fast and I have had pure success. Picks are great and so is the service! No sweating!

  19. David Martin

    Honestly, this guy is as good as his record shows. If You use money management and discipline, LC will make you a winner. And if he has a money back guarantee, you’ll never get a better deal than that

  20. Shane

    Great service and great bettor. Completely transparent with his plays and just wants everyone to win. 10/10 would recommend.

  21. Sean

    Great guy to follow and Always quick to respond. Consistent and reliable

  22. Matt

    LC is one of the best around. His record speaks for itself. Honest capper who does nothing but WIN and wants only the same for his clients!!! Long time follower and big supporter in the job he does as one of the greatest cappers.

  23. Kevin Bashaw

    Laker_Crazy is by far one of the best cappers I have come across. He has just the correct amount of daily plays and they are legit and I can count on being up for the week. He is on top of his game and is always there to answer any question regardless the time of day. He gives advice and is honest and that goes along way in this business. Plan on sticking around for the long term. Thanks for another great positive week ?????

  24. Jmobile

    Wasted my time and money on the free cappers thinking I was saving money. Bit the bullet and paid Laker Crazy and realized all I had been doing was wasting money until I started getting his picks. Unfollowed 100 cappers shortly after. This guy wins, and he communicates. Money well spent.

  25. J

    Great guy to follow. High win rate, open communication, comes through with good picks even during a pandemic ???. Cash out with this guy.

  26. Geoff

    Hi all
    I have been subscribing to Laker through his Twitter account @Laker_crazy even during the current global crisis
    As I see it there are five essential requirements for a successful sports capper
    1. Transparency and honesty
    2. Selective plays
    3. Cover multiple global sports
    4. Consistent results and profits
    5. Excellent customer service
    I can confidently say that Laker ticks all the above boxes.
    Certainly not the cheapest capper around but as the saying goes you pay for what you get!
    I highly recommend his service and stay safe and well everyone during these troubling times

  27. Kevin Fukumoto

    This guy is most consistent capper out there I believe. Highly recommended!! He’s for real!

  28. Ben

    For a long time I planned to try Laker, but His prices are a little bit hogh so I did not. Then I start to work with Laker’s picks when this coronavirus started. He was the one of a few tipsters who still have the service going on. I was shocked and surprised how professional and accurate he is when making the picks for his customers. He has a stable 65%+ winning rate. I will definetly keep following him after every leagues getting back to normal. This was the only good thing corona-shit gave me :))) Thanks bro, keep on your good work mate!!!

  29. Joe Accardi

    LC is one of the best around. His PODs are money and his money back guarantee is super generous. He’s very transparent and gets back to you right away whenever you DM him. I highly recommend his service! Keep up the outstanding work!

  30. Brandon

    Truthfully an honest capper! He is active and will help you through your bets. He responds fast and I have had pure success. Picks are great and so is the service! No sweating!

  31. Michael Makarenko

    When I Look for cappers I look for one thing… Honesty. This capper has displayed this very well in terms of losing and he makes sure his customers are 100 satisfied. Never avoids admitting to loses, instead he will admit to it, and then the next play oh boy watch out bookies because this guy bounces back after one loss with 9 straight winners. Truly a capper to follow and to sub too. Let’s keep cashing Laker.

  32. jacobca01

    Laker is a great guy and responds fast. I’ve trailed his PODs and he hasn’t done me wrong. Love working with him.

  33. Greg White

    Great, consistent product. I strongly recommend the services, you will not be disappointed.

  34. Avinash

    Lakers crazy is the best tipster i have come across till date , He’s got good consistent winrate and he analyse all the picks he gives daily. Also his daily picks are just 2-3 max daily and that too he got very good winrate in them would totally recommend lakers!!!!

  35. Luis Fernandes

    I decided not to pay any capper ever again until I got convinced by this guy, he gave me discount as a first time user and now gives me winners everyday. Made up for the fee I paid and now making profit. Another best thing is he replies all the queries so sincerely and politely which lacks in most of the cappers out there.

  36. Marilyn Yu

    Chat withadminChat with admin

    Hello  Im here to help

    Previous messages

    I almost give up on betting bec i already lose a lot. But not until i came to join laker crazy. He’s the best capper ive known. I not win more than

  37. Adrian L

    LC is amazing! He owns the NBA right now he is on an unbelievable run! I have only been with LC one week and so far the percentage of Wins in unbelievable! If you are looking for someone who you can trust you’ve found him! Best for NBA,NHL and some soccer as well. Thanks for all your Help LC!

  38. Juan Guerrero

    Laker_crazy is best capper out there Period! I’ve had a great experience following his picks. Also great service and easy to reach him he’s been on a fantastic ride. If you ain’t riding with him you doing something wrong.

  39. Andrea Lawson

    I just started sportsbetting at the beginning of the year and was finding free picks on twitter to start to build my bankroll, which turned out to be a real hit or miss. Found a few dishonest cappers that would post predictions and then remove them if they lost without acknowledgment. Discovering and investing in LC has been one of the best decisions I have made along this journey. We’re already in a winning streak for the month of March and my bankroll is more full because of him. He’s kind, honest, knowledgeable and a great ass capper! His monthly rate seems like a lot until you make it back in just a few bets! With Laker_Crazy, it’s less of a risk and more of an investment!

  40. Y.EZZY

    After tailing LC in the NBA and MLB last year I couldn’t wait to jump at the opportunity do run it back this year! The guy is consistently finding winners across the board, currently on a Crazy 16-1 NBA run. Aside from providing his group members with quality picks, he’s always available and more than happy to help and answer any questions. Couldn’t be happier, plan on being a group member for a while to come.

  41. Vítězslav Račák

    Sports betting can be frustrating but not with the best cappers. Laker Crazy is rightfully one of them! Finally, I experience a different feeling than the frustration of losing. Winnings taste sweet and I really like to get used to them with Laker Crazy 😁 I also appreciate the personal approach. He’s a nice guy. Personally, I can only highly recommend Laker Crazy!👍

  42. Mar

    LC has made sports betting fun and his winning record speaks for itself. He has a quick response time to any questions which makes the experience fantastic. LC loves what he does and cares for his clients. Very selective with the picks and doesn’t chase. If you want to win join with LC. TRUST ME when I say TRUST HIM.

  43. Peter DeFilipps

    I have tried 8 different twitter ‘expert’ handicappers. They charge anywhere from $500/year to $10,000/6 months. Every single handicapper outside of LC is the same. They promise you 65% success rate and claim they’re the best capper around. They’ll then give you anywhere from 5-10 picks per day, and in my experience their picks are nothing better than a coin flip. I’m a statistics major from Stanford, and I know a thing or two about risk to return ratios. LC is the one capper I’ve encountered that knows what he’s doing. Instead of giving you a ton of random picks per day, he’ll give you one or two picks per sport per day. I’ve only been a subscriber for 6 weeks, but he’s been hitting overall at a 77% success rate across all sports. Not to mention a ridiculous 85% NBA overs run we’ve been hitting. I utilize his NBA/NHL picks as well as nightbird and MLB. You can tell he puts the work in; his picks are well thought out, rationalized, and win at an absurd rate. Since subscribing to LC I have given up on the rest of my twitter ‘experts,’ and now only trust LC’s picks. I can’t encourage trusting this man enough. He WILL make you money if you follow his picks.

  44. Jenny

    I wish I had found LC a long time ago. Not only is he great at what he does he is a good guy, honest and always there to answer any questions you may have. Like a lot of you I suspect, I have jumped from handicapper to handicapper with no success what so ever, always false promises. This guy is the real deal, everyone will have losing runs but no matter what he always recaps and you can actually see his long term record. Just come off an epic soccer run off 11 in a row! And its always quality over quantity. Gambling is a long term process and if you wanna make some cash this is your guy can’t speak highly enough of him.

  45. coductive coductive

    Great service and easy to reach him he’s been on a fantastic ride.

  46. Marco

    Scrolled down the list and I can agree with a lot of folks here. We all like money, when you lose it sucks. An awful life experience outside of just betting. Change will come. A couple of days into my buy-in and I’ve damn near tripled the profits on my sportsbook account. Laker Crazy is transparent, willing to answer any DM, well coursed on the major sports/games and interacts with his fellow group members. Quality over quantity selections at reasonable odds without the ego and “MAX BANGER” bullshit. Doesn’t get any better than that! Huge recommendations towards this guy for some of the finest most authentic handicapping around, 5 Stars!

  47. Jervin Archibald

    My Man Laker Crazy is pure cash!! Great service

  48. Kent Hookway

    LC is incredible professional handicapper carefully pick out the right winners and keeping his members happy is what he mostly loves doing. I couldn’t believe I’m seeing my bankroll has increased day by day strictly following his plays wish I could found him earlier, Now I’m happy I did. Not only his excellent handicapping skills also he very polite and honest will answer any questions you want to ask, If you want to make serious money I only highly recommend him.

  49. Jonah Fryman

    Let this guy do the work for you, it’s easy money. Communicates very well, explains everything clearly, and doesn’t make excuses. No one can be right all the time, but this guy is as close as it gets. I keep tailing and we keep cashing.

  50. Leroy Upshaw

    LC WINS! He WINS! I’m a born-skeptic, so anytime I’m sold anything — there’ll be multiple questions and inquiries. LC handled my worries with genuine responses and kindness. LC never got impatient, never became defensive. I was sold. Made a purchase for (7) PODS — we WON. Made another purchase for (7) PODS — we WON. Now I’m on a (2) month membership — we’ve already started winning. He’s a man of his word. If you’re a reluctant purchaser like me, believe it when I say, proceed with confidence.

  51. Josh Talamantez

    Where do I start? This is the best capper I know, he knows his stuff! Not just NBA, but cricket, soccer and MLB is coming up! Cant wait to see him in action with MLB! He also teaches discord with only 1-2 picks a day but nails those picks often! I’ve not only met a great capper but he responds with any questions I have about his pick! Keep up the great work my guy! I appreciate you!

  52. Michael Armstrong

    Been following for about a week….love the feedback and picks!

  53. zio

    Had always big problems to discipline my bets … it’s for this reason that I have not yet bought a Lamborghini, although (probably) with the amount of what I wasted, could have bought 2 😀

    Honestly, until a some month ago, I didn’t even know what “cappers”, then I landed on the LC profile, where, after a few months of waiting, I took advantage of an offer to switch on a month with him.

    Well … what to say … thanks to a big psychological work of him, I managed to put a little discipline in my bets, of course, sometimes it happens to step in some dog shit but this is a marathon, not a sprint!

    Bought already a 2 + 6 months subscription then I will calculate my benefits and costs and after which we will see what to do.

    His (our) record speaks for itself and I can only highly recommend him!!

  54. Chris L

    Been with Lakers_Crazy for a few months now. He’s straight to the point, very detailed and doesn’t mess around. If you stick with just the plays he gives daily, you’re going to make money. There’s going to be losing days but I’ve yet lost a month since being with him. It’s easy to fall off track and place your own bets but trust the system. Discipline is his motto, and it’s proven.
    Start with a month like i did if you’re hesitant. I’ve stuck with him since that first sub.

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